Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mommy and Tallon

I have been working the last few days since we were out of town for my sister's wedding and vacation- I really missed my little boy!! So, we spent LOTS of time on the floor playing this past weekend and today!!! He is growing up soo fast!

Yes, I got my haircut Sat afternoon- Tallon and Daddy played at the kid's center at the mall while I got a $25 haircut that took 1 1/2 hrs!!!! I could not tell what she was doing to the back of my hair and I could not understand her ( she is from Korea). Very nice lady but I was a little worried about my hair)! But after talking with a few of my good friends from church and work- I LIKE IT!!!!!!! It is definitely a LOT easier in the mornings to get ready and a lot cooler out here in this Dallas heat!
(Tallon playing the piano with mommy!)

Tallon's diet has really expanded in the past 2 weeks since we started giving him "table food"! He is not very fond of fruits so I think we will cont to have to use some Gerber foods in this household! So far, here is what Tallon has eaten: deli ham, deli turkey, baked chicken, green beans, butterbeans, english peas, cooked carrots, cooked potatoes, animal crackers ( these are a new fave next to the cheerios!), half of a sugar cookie( Thanks to cousin Makgill for sharing!) and LOTS of yo-baby yogurt as well as applesauce! I am sure I am missing a few foods but still- he is definitely enjoying meal time around here!! He seems to really like not having to be fed and instead being able to work on his "pincer grasp" and get the food into his mouth by himself! (Tallon eating English peas and deli turkey)


Anonymous said...

I like your hair cut. Mom

Chrys and Mike said...

I like your new hair cut!