Monday, July 17, 2006

Look Who Is 10 Months Old!

Tallon turned 10 months old this past Saturday!! WOW- Time sure has flown this past year. Our little boy is growing up- he has started to really lose that baby look and now has a "toddler look"!! We celebrated by going to Cracker Barrel for breakfast!

I love this age! He is so much more interactive and we are on a pretty good schedule- sleeping from around 7 pm until 6 am every night! He takes 2 naps a day so I am able to get a few things done. I feel like most of our accomplishments are mostly the new foods he is eating every day. So far, he has yet to really dislike anything except for bananas. Definitely a lot like his daddy in that he LOVES TO EAT!!!

Tallon is very quiet - we think he is a BIG Thinker and ofter wonder what he is really thinking inside of his head. He has started to babble a little bit more and enjoys being read to and hearing music play. We are VERY close to walking!!!! He has started to stand without holding on to anything- YIKES!!! He just looks at me and I look at him- thinking WOW- he is standing by himself and I keep waiting for him to fall or grab onto something and there he is.. still standing... and than he will either grab onto something or sit down!!! Tallon still loves to wave and we are working on high-5 and a few sign language signs with him!

Tallon enjoys checking out every part of his toys - he will flip his walker over and play with the wheels and than flip it back up and walk behind it. He also really likes balls and cars! He is definitely our LITTLE BOY!!

I am so thankful for God's blessings and for the health He has given our family! Even though, we are in a "transition time" in our life right now as we are looking for a job for Reeves and waiting to move somewhere, it seems like God daily uses Tallon to help me smile, laugh and count our MANY, ABUNDANT BLESSINGS! I pray that as we are entering into the stage of starting to have to use "no" and discipline that we will raise him in a Godly way and that Tallon will grow up to be a God-fearing man.
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Hsiao's said...

Of course, Cracker Barrel. Where else would you go?

caden jon said...

Wow, Tal! You are SO big! Looking at you makes me see all the cool stuff I have to look forward too... crawling, walking, standing, eating all kinds of yummy food like mini goldfish- wow! I can't wait to be that big! But we need to talk, dude- I can't believe you don't like bananas?! Those are my fave! That's okay though we can still be friends. :)
Well, I love your blog. It's so fun seein what's new with you. Your pictures are great!!

Chrys and Mike said...

Sweet boy!


Angela said...

Happy 10 months, Tallon! It is so true that time passes entirely too quickly. I wanted to let you know the sprinkler park is located at the Lake Highlands North Recreation Center. It is right near the corner of White Rock Trail & Church Rd.