Monday, July 17, 2006

Mommy and Tallon relaxing in the rocking chair after a delicious breakfast at Cracker Barrel.
Tallon enjoyed blueberries and cheerios until Mommy and Daddy's food arrived and than Tallon also ate part of a biscuit, a little bit of scrambled eggs, and grits- Yummy! What a way to start off the day=)

Tallon loves to explore new things- He used to be very scared of the vacuum cleaner and insisted on being held when he heard it, but now Tallon crawls right up to it and wants to be part of all the excitement of cleaning!

Spaghetti night at the Cannon's- Tallon definitely gave it a "thumbs up"!
Kisses and more kisses- Tallon loves to give them- especially to mommy!!

Tallon has finally gotten down the hang of the sippy cup!!! I have only been giving him water in it- no juice- he seems to really like water now!

Sunday afternoon, Tallon went to his first birthday party. We celebrated his friends- Brandon's 2nd birthday and Aaron's 1st birthday! Tallon had a blast playing with all of his friends- they had a bounce house but Tallon is not quite old enough for it yet, but he enjoyed playing in the balls in the baby swimming pool for a while! He also ate his 1st cheeseburger ( well, a few bites anyways)- His Dad is very excited that Tallon likes burgers!!

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