Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Our Fall in pictures

Celebrating Mimi's Birthday!
1 Loved little girl

Happy Girl

The guys stopped to let me take a quick picture after they play tennis 1 afternoon!

Playing tennis

He LOVES to be outside!
Don't turn your back... she will be in another room!

LiLi walked Gabby down to the park where we were playing one day.... Tallon was thrilled to show her his new gamecock hat!
Tess loves to swing ( which is a good thing because if we are outside... she is usually put in the swing.... to many acorns on the ground for her to pick up and try to eat=)
Showing LiLi and Aunt Aron how she can take steps!
Playing at Nana and Papa's house 1 day

We took a quick 1 night trip to the mountains to just get away as a family.... We went apple picking and also got to do a little bit of "hiking".... it was a GREAT family time- we plan on going again for a whole weekend next yr!

Dupont State Forest opens up twice a year ( once in Fall and once in Spring) and for a donation- you can ride in a heated bus from waterfall to waterfall to see the Forest--- this was the WAY TO GO with young kids.... all other times of the year- you can only hike, bike in the forest..... We had talked to Tallon about possibly seeing a waterfall and "hiking" so he thought it was GREAT that he got to see 3 waterfalls and I loved that even though it was FREEZING ( to us!)- this was a more manageable way to still see the mountains with both kids! I think Reeves really enjoyed
his time with Tess cuddled up next to him ( she actually fell asleep at one point!)

Walking around the base of 1 of the waterfalls!
Tess took her mid-morning nap-- Reeves LOVED it!
our version of "hiking"!
The lake was beautiful!
Tallon was worn out from all the running around he did that day!

I finally got a picture with everyone in it!!

On the bus, headed to another waterfall!

Family picture at Sky Top Orchard ( minus Tal who did not want to be in the picture)

but he WAS with us!

Tallon got to pick the first apple ( with some help from Daddy)

Tallon Loved helping put the apples daddy had picked into our basket!
It was soooo COLD but Tess was still a Happy Girl!
Tallon loved running up and down the hills and was all over the place- can you tell he had just spent 3 1/2 hrs in a car!!
The colors were beautiful on the trees and the apples were Delicious! We will def be planning a trip back to Sky Top next yr.... but I think I will try to go before it gets too cold

Tallon has been learning how to count with his fingers!
Bathtime is so much FUN with these 2!
Baby girl is pulling up on everything.... taking baby steps and now WALKING!
ALL Before she turned 11 months old!
Sweet Boy- He loves his Jeep!
Our neighbors prob think we are crazy... most people go on walks /ride bikes around the block....
I walk/stroll Tess and Tallon rides his Jeep!!

Happy Girl

We went to the pumkin patch around the corner from our house with Reeves's family one afternoon- The kids loved running around and picking a pumpkin out
as you can see- Tal really did NOT want his picture taken!
We have SUCH fantastic friends....
The Granger's had us over 1 evening for chili and pumpkin carving!

Tess' bedtime is 7,.... needless to say she was EXHAUSTED here!

Tallon acting silly with Aunt Aron!

Tallon Loves to help Tess walk...
I LOVE LOVE LOVE her face in this picture- she ADORES her big brother!
Last Soccer Game of the season
Go Tallon Go!

Mimi and Pop where visiting Aunt Liz but LiLi, Boom Boom, Gabby and Papa were there!
He loved playing... for the most part.... than there were the other times.... slightly emotional.... but all in all- we survived our first team sporting event!=)
Nana spent some quality time with Tess during the soccer game and then Tal put on his Buzz costume for them!
I love how he looks "shy" in this picture.....
Shy is not a word I usually use to describe him
I asked Buzz to show me how he flies....
You can't have Reeves around during the Fall without there being a football nearby!
Sweet girls... I love that they are getting to grow up together!
Tess is so much fun right now....
she stays close by the action whenever the cousins come over to play!
I love how she is looking at Makgill in this picture!


gillian said...

love love love the pictures from the mountains! love tal's backpacker sticker on his jeep too!!!

Aron said...

I love this post so much!!! These babies are SOOO Precious and you have no idea how happy I am that our kids are growing up together. And I can't wait for a fun Fall Mountain trip next year!!!

Erin and Andrew said...

Love all the pictures and the post! Great mountain pics!

Robert and Tiffany Adams said...

LOVE all the pics! Thanks for sharing them with us. Can't wait to see you guys at Christmas!

Mary Catherine said...

Love all of the pictures from the mountains. Looks like you all had so much fun and it made me want to go hiking so badly. I really miss being up at Clemson this time of year!

As for the party hat...you got my wheels turning because I haven't come across a tutorial for that either. However, Anna Cate and I are going to make that our afternoon craft project and if it turns out how I'm imagining, I'll post pictures and a quick tutorial tonight. :)

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