Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Birthday LILI

LiLi's birthday was yesterday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LILI! We celebrated in big style with a delicious lasagna dinner and a yummy chocolate cake for desert. The kids all loved singing Happy birthday to LiLi and licking the candles after they helped LiLi blow them out!!
We love you LiLi- Have FUN in Disney World!!

Here are several pictures of LiLi with her 3 grandchildren from Thursday afternoon. The kids were reading Brown Bear to LiLi! It is crazy to think that the next time LiLi's birthday comes- she will have 5 grandkids- I am sure the kids will figure out a way for everyone to get in her lap- they love their LiLi!


Aron said...

Happy Birthday, Mom!

DarleyFamily said...

LOVE the name! Using family names holds such a special meaning. Can't believe you are getting so close. What a neat family you have. Enjoy these last few weeks! m

Li Li said...

I can't wait to have to make room on my lap for FIVE grandchildren. I'll find a way. I am sorry all of you out of towners can't hear Tallon "read" Brown Bear. I just wanted to hug and kiss him to pieces, but he LOVES to tell me I can't have a kiss.I think he like for me to chase him down. LiLi