Friday, October 24, 2008

33 weeks

I am posting the next picture because I like this "angle " better.
Well, this week has flown by- I had my Dr Appt last Monday- everything went well and I was measuring on target, BP looks good, not really any swelling and he set the Definite date for Dec 3rd. We are hoping to have the OR for a 7:30 delivery time. We had small group Monday night.

Tues- Tallon and I headed to storytime at the library and enjoyed the day together!

Wed- I worked a 12 hr shift in the unit- EXHAUSTING! I joked with everyone that I needed a crown with "Blood Queen" on it as I spent most of the day hanging a blood product of some type up for my patients!

Thursday- Tallon and I stayed in our PJ's until 3:30 in the afternoon- I cleaned out 2 closets and we played and read books before getting ready to head over to Pop and Mimi's for a DELICIOUS fried shrimp dinner!!! I stayed after dinner and Mom gave me some basic sewing lessons so that I can attempt to make a doll for Clara Beth and Tess and some fun burp cloths!

Friday- I ran some errands while Tal was at school and than Mom and Dad came over and helped me put china in our new china cabinet and clean up Tess's room and the living room!! We also hung a mirror up in the kitchen. Thanks soo much for all your help mom and dad!! Our house is finally ( after almost living here for 2 months- starting to feel like things are put together! Reeves has a Walk Thru the Bible conference that he is leading tonight and tom morning. and Tallon has TWO birthday parties tom so Saturday is looking to be just as busy!!

I am feeling pretty good though and having fun putting the finishing touches on Tess's room- I hot-glued some cute fringe on the chandelier shades today and also bought some name letters to put up in her room (50% off at H0bby Lobby!!) Mom is still working on the curtains but they should be completed in another week!

and just because I think he is going to be THE CUTEST Big Brother!


Kaelyn said...

The room is girly and fun! You look great and tallon looks so excited to meet his sister. I love the bedding!!

Mimi said...

The room is really coming together. Can't wait for Tess to get to use it.

DarleyFamily said...

I just LOVE the bedding! You and your mom did a wonderful job! So fun that you are learning to sew:) Can't wait to see the doll. m

gillian said...

Love her room!!! Can you come over and help me with Laylas???? :) just kidding! They will be here before we know it! btw... you looked beautiful yesterday at church!

Michelle said...

You look great and the room is adorable! I am sure those 12 hr shifts are exhausting. Hopefully your co-workers are being helpful. Things are moving along quickly. Can't wait for Tess to arrive!

Mary Catherine said...

I love Tess's bedding too! Where did you find such cute fabric? Also, was the bumper very hard to sew?