Saturday, October 18, 2008


Makgill and Clara Beth came over to play for the afternoon on Thursday. Tallon LOVES his cousins soo much and was excited they came over. I had a little pumpkin craft for them to make out of paper bags so we did that for awhile and then the boys jumped on the jeep for some fast riding while Clara Beth continued to make her pumpkin "pretty"! She definitely enjoyed the art project more than the boys=) Aron had brought over a movie for the kids to watch and have "quiet time".... ummm.. that lasted about 5 minutes and they were all racing around my house so needless to say... everybody ( including mommy!) was EXHAUSTED Thursday night.
the boys painting their pumpkins
Clara Beth painting her "pretty pumpkin"!
off they go!


Aron said...

Thank you for keeping my babies! They LOVE being at Beba's house!

gillian said...

cute pumpkin craft!