Tuesday, July 22, 2008


July has been a BUSY month for us. On July 2nd- I read someone's blog about how they let their son run around the house naked and it helped him potty train so I decided to give it a go ( even though we were supposed to leave July 4th to go to the beach for the week with my parents). Well, it worked- Tallon ran by me while in the house ( running around with no clothes on) yelling- " gotta go poopy" and where did he head...... Right to the toilet---- WHEW- round 1 done- poopy in potty- HOORAY!! so sort of potty trained- we headed to the beach with my parents. We just let Tallon run around the condo with underwear on and he did SURPRISINGLY well and now I am please to say that we are in BIG BOY UNDERWEAR all day long ( including naps). still wearing a pull-up at night- time, but that is OK with me!! My parents were a huge help and encouragement to Tallon and I ( in the whole potty training process that week)- Thanks mom and dad!! so now that the BIG announcement is over- on to our week at the beach. I had "supposedly" fixed my camera only to turn it on at the beach and it not work AGAIN!!! Thankfully, my dad had his camera- so we took plenty of pictures! He has even agreed to let me "borrow" his camera until I figure out what to do with mine!! THANKS DAD!!!

Reeves got to spend the weekend at the beach with us- well, we were at the beach but we prob only spent a grand total of 4 hrs MAX ON the beach- Tallon is NOT a beach fan- he LOVES the pool though and is quite the fish!!

Tallon thought he was such a big boy in his goggles!!

This is how mom and I spent a good bit of the week- bouncing back and forth watching Tallon go from hot-tub to lazy river then back to hot-tub and then to pool! This kid wore himself out swimming every morning and evening!! Quite the fish!

Somebody ADORES his Daddy!!

Our little fish!

The only picture I have of the beach- we managed to get Tallon out to beach 2 mornings to play in sand while the pool was closed for cleaning!!

Tallon playing with Pop's hat!

Pop carried us to the Waccattee Zoo in Socastee 1 day ( we all needed a break from the pools!!) I have never heard of this zoo but it was really cool- LOTS of animals and most of the zoo was in the shade which was really nice!! We forgot to get the stroller out of the car before Reeves' left so Tallon did LOTS of walking ( and riding on Pop and Mimi's back and shoulders!)
There were peacocks EVERYWHERE- soo pretty!

I can not get over how "big" my little boy looks in the above picture!!

With the deer

Pop with the camel


Checking out the zebra's

Riding on Pop's shoulder- we are truly blessed to have such hands on grandparents.
My dad is soo patient with Tallon- he lets him help him mow grass or fix whatever ( even when I am sure it takes him atleast twice as long to get the job completed!!)

We went to broadway 1 day and Tallon played in the "splash pad"
being silly

We recuperated for a few days at home and than Reeves had a training conference in Atlanta this past Friday thru Tuesday so I headed down to the lake with my parents for the weekend. It was soo nice to have help with Tallon and to see my sister and her husband who are in town from Kentucky. Let's just say that Tallon LOVES his Uncle Mike and Aunt Liz.
Pop bought Tal some worms so he could "really fish"- hook and all- thankfully- no one got hurt in the baiting, casting and reeling in and Tallon found a good bit of amusement out of the worms!!!

Showing his new buddy "Uncle Mike" a worm!!

Tallon constantly asks to 'go on the boat"- this kid LOVES the water!!

Helping Mimi make icing and ice the cake


We are now back home and ready for Reeves' to return from his training. It has been a busy but FUN month- I am not sure where this summer has gone to.

Baby Update: I am now 20 weeks along!!! I can not believe I am halfway thru this pregnancy. Baby girl is quite the mover and I am loving being able to feel her move around!! Last weeks Dr visit and ultrasound went well- only gained 4 lbs so far ( I am keeping my fingers crossed- we shall see!) and baby girl looked healthy and "perfect" as the ultrasound tech said!! I can not wait to meet this new little one!!! Although I think Tal is going to be in for some MAJOR adjustments!! He is used to getting all the attention so this could be an interesting winter!


Erin and Andrew said...

YAY Tallon! We're so proud of you! We love you.
~Erin and Andrew

Michelle said...

Wow, that is great that Tal is potty trained before baby arrives! He is really growing up. I love the picture of him as a muscle man :). I am glad your pregnancy is going well and can't wait to hear more details about your preparations!

PS I will email paint colors when I find the swatches.

Aron said...

WOOOHOOO!!!! We Love Ya, Big Boy! And we are so proud of you. Loved the vacation pics, and you're right. He looks Crazy big in that one picture. Can you even believe he will be 3 soon?

Oh, and I've gotta say...my niece spinning around in that box freaks me out just a little. BUT, I LOVE seeing how many days are left until we meet that sweet girl!

gillian said...

That's awesome Tal is potty trained!!! So glad you had an easy time of it! Love the Tal and Pops tshirts!

Laura said...

I'm glad to hear that everything is going well with your pregnancy and that Baby Girl is healthy and "happy". Thanks for the comments that you've left on our blog. We really appreciate all the prayers! We miss you!!

The Smith's said...

Haven't checked your blog in forever...so busy with 2 little ones - just wait! :0) Gotta update you with our blog address...it's www.smittysfamily.blogspot.com . Glad to see you're all doing well -Tallon is looking so much older. They grow up too fast!