Tuesday, July 01, 2008

6 Years

Reeves and I celebrated our 6th Anniversary this past Sunday (June 29th) . In some ways, it feels like we have been married forever, but I still so vividly remember our wedding day and it feels like it just happened! I must say.... these 6 yrs have been AWESOME and it is fun to reflect on everywhere that God has taken us and how He has provided for us! Reeves was asked to officiate a wedding on Saturday in CLEMSON so we took advantage of the opportunity and left Tallon with my parents for the weekend while we got away. He has officiated several weddings but this is the 2nd one I got to go to. The rehearsal dinner was soooooo yummy (can you tell I am pregnant!) and at a really nice restaurant in Clemson (Calhoun Corners). Then Saturday- we slept in, spent the rest of the morning walking around the campus where I spent 4 yrs of my life ( sooo FUN!) and then chilled out until the wedding. After the wedding, we headed in to downtown Greenville to eat at 1 of our fav restaurants ( from our dating days)! It was so fun getting to just hang out and talk with my husband ( without a 2 1/2 yr old around interrupting us)! We talked about the "covenant" that we made to each other and before God 6 yrs earlier ~ How grateful and thankful I am for the man God has blessed me with! !can you see the baby "bump"! (16 weeks)
and... Doesn't my husband look handsome!

Reeves has a "thing" for grass- he absolutely LOVES
the grass in football stadiums for some reason!

Sunday- we went to church and headed home to see the little boy that we both MISSED LOTS!!
Thanks mom and dad for keeping Tal for us!


Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary and I love the baby bump! So cute!

gillian said...

Happy Anniversary!

Aron said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad y'all had a fun weekend!

Chrys and Mike said...

oh, so, so fun! i'm glad you got away!

i'll always remember one of my first impressions of you two from birthing class--how sweet and tender you were to one another. so dear.

love you, girl. so excited for you.


Moore Family said...

Congratulations on your 6th anniversary and the baby girl!!! I am so happy for your family!!! I have always thought you both were great, but I can see that you two are an awesome husband wife team and awesome parents!!!

Robert and Tiffany Adams said...

Aww. Happy belated anniversary. Glad y'all got a weekend away!

Kaelyn said...

Looks like you all had a great get-away! I can see the baby bump too. That is a wonderful picture of you all!

Li Li said...

6 YEARS?!!!??? HOW DID IT GET TO BE THAT LONG? HAPPY ANNIVERSARY. Is that Reeves on the CLEMSON football field? I can't believe he would even touch it. Be careful...he may have put some sort of jinx on it!!