Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Nana

qMy Nana turns 79 on July 28th and we celebrated her birthday tonight with a DELICIOUS fried shrimp, twice baked potatoes, and salad dinner with chocolate chip cookies to complete the meal. Tal kept asking where the cake was but he was content eating skittles and a cookie!Tallon helped finger paint flowers on a pot to give Nana-he was very proud of his gift!

There is something special about my Nana and Papa. One of my favorite things about moving back to SC was that I would be able to see them more often and that Tal would be able to really know them. Growing up, they lived almost 10 hrs away so we only got to see them 2-3 times a year but I always looked forward to our visits with them. They are just "special" and I love them both soo much! I think Tallon adores them as much as I do. He loves to go see Nana and Papa and although he is stingy with hugs- he usually greets them with a smile and a high 5 for Papa and then quickly heads either to the cabinet where Nana keeps a few "Tal friendly toys"or outside to throw the ball and play with Bama (their dog)!
Tallon LOVES his Nana!Showing Nana the flowers he painted on the pot!

Liz and Mom made these cute little baby wipes holders yesterday!
Mom and her 2 girls!
Tallon is so proud of his big boy underwear- he was showing Papa his firetrucks ( 1 of his FAVORITE set of underwear)Papa pointed to Tal's belly button and asked Tallon- "What's this" (expecting Tal to respond Belly button).... what did Tal say........ MY BABY!
Silly boy- Mommy has the baby in her belly- but you can not tell him that!

Tallon LOVES Uncle Mike and followed him around the house everywhere yesterday!

We ended the night with a card game.
Well, Tallon and I watched Lion King!

and Tallon took a few breaks to play his own version of cards with Mimi!It was a fun evening of celebrating Nana and hanging out with Family. we are really sad that Uncle Mike and Aunt Liz have to go home today!!

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