Monday, June 23, 2008


I did not grow up in the same city as any of my cousins, but one of the joys of being near family is definitely COUSINS! Just about every day Tallon asks to see Mak and/or Clara Beth. Aron and the kids came over Sat night while Collin photographed a wedding. It is EXTREMEY RARE for all 3 kids to be still, much less still at the same time and in close proximity. Although- they do sometimes give hugs. The older the boys get, the more rare the hugs are and the more WILD they all get! For some reason though, Saturday night was one filled with HUGS, LAUGHTER and lots of COUSIN LOVE!

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Aron said...

Hey, you forgot one other thing that night was full of...POOP!!! Sorry my sweet little princess pooped in your tub!
Thank you so much for feeding/entertaining us that night. It made the night MUCH more enjoyable for me and the kids! And that cousin love thing is DEFINITELY mutual! We love y'all!