Sunday, November 19, 2006


Rebecca and Tal

Reeves birthday is actually Nov 18 but we have been celebrating it all weekend. One of the joys of living close to Florence is that we get to share special times with family. Friday night, My mom and grandparents came over and fried shrimp for Reeves.
He also enjoyed one of Nana's famous caramel cakes- YUMMY!

Papa and Reeves threatening to taste the caramel icing=)

Then on Saturday morning, Reeves had requested that for his birthday, I attend the Carolina game. I know, I know.... I am still a CLEMSON fan and proud alumni, but i do cheer for Carolina when they are not playing Clemson. We had a great day with Reeves parents at the game while my mom kept Tallon for the day! Reeves with his parents
the stadium
Reeves was sooo excited that the Gamecocks won!!!!
We met my mom and Tal later on in Florence and enjoyed a yummy Italian meal at Stephano's.
Tonight, we are going over to his parents house and enjoying hamburgers with all of his siblings and their children. I hope to have pics to post later on. What a great birthday celebration weekend! Thanks everyone for making it special for Reeves!

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Chrys and Mike said...

Wow! It looks like you guys had a great weekend! Happy birthday, Reeves!

I'm so glad you're close to your families. What fun!