Saturday, November 11, 2006

Can I Help?

Hi Daddy,
Look- mom brought my lawn mower outside sooo can I help you mow the grass. See how big I am- I know just what to do from watching you mow! Can I help you?!
I love you lots,

Reeves mowed the lawn this morning and Tallon was soo cute- once again- we stood out on the screened in porch and Tal was fascinated as he watched Daddy go back and forth! Every once in a while he would holler out to Daddy and smile as Daddy would wave back at him. Once, Reeves went to the front yard, Tal was just dying to go outside and be near his daddy so we put on our shoes and when Reeves got close to being finished, I carried Tal down the steps with his lawn mower and boy did he take of. He loved it and had Huge smiles on his face the whole time. He sure does love his daddy! I hope he helps mow the grass this enthusiastically when he is older and has to help out! Posted by Picasa


Laurie said...

I love seeing all the pictures! He is getting so big! If he loves animals, you will have to take him to the Atlanta aquarium sometime. We went this summer and it was so neat.

Have a great week!

Beth, Joshua & Isabella said...

He's just growing and growing. How are things in So. Carolina? We are 4 weeks from Indiana. I can't wait!!!