Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Refreshing Time

Reeves had a counseling conference at Simons Island, Georgia this past Thursday so we decided to leave Tal with our family and take 2 nights to enjoy some time together. It was absolutely wonderful- Reeves thoroughly enjoyed the conference and gained some great info that will help him as he develops a pre-marital counseling plan and curriculum and I enjoyed some time with my hubby as well as managing to read 2 books and get some rest!!! =) St Simons is a beautiful coastal town ( well, actually, it is an island). I enjoyed walking thru many fun shops (Bailey Boys is located there and I loved walking thru their clearance section of clothes- a HUGE roomful, but thankfully, my mom is making Tallon several ADORABLE outfits for this fall and winter so I only browsed ( Reeves was esp Thankful!) We ate at several great restaurants and had some wonderful seafood!

We had WONDERFUL Fall weather- it was perfect for walking around!

Reeves and I at the pier.

Friday morning, on our way back to Florence, we stopped to see Savannah, Georgia. Neither of us had ever been to Savannah and figured it would be a nice break out of the car. Plus, we have heard sooo many wonderful comments about Paula Deen's restaurant that we wanted to try it out for ourselves! We both had the lunch buffet- which includes desert and it was DELICIOUS!! I left completely stuffed- it was a good thing we still had 3 hrs left in the car so I could catch a nap!! If you are ever in Savannah- I HIGHLY suggest you try this restaurant!

Reeves in front of the restaurant- it is 3 stories- all filled with tables!! We ate on the 3rd floor!

This is the LINE we had to wait in at 10:20 in the morning to simply put our name on the list. Thankfully, they had a slot for a table at 12:15. So we just walked around Savannah until time to eat. By the time, we arrived at 12:10 to be seated- there was a sign up in front of here saying that there were no more tables available that day!!!! Isn't that crazy- they evidently keep all 3 floors busy ALL day long!! Our waiter told us that most people work there for yrs because it is busy your whole shift!

Reeves and I stopped for a picture on our way out!
(Country cooking makes us Good Lookin'!!!)


Beth, Joshua & Isabella said...

I love Savannah! My best friend used to live there but we never got to eat at Mother and Sons... ;-( I love the Riverwalk! Great photos!

Meaghan said...

It looks like you had a fabulous mini vacation. I'm jealous that you got to enjoy Paula's homecooking. You both look great!