Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Rain, Rain, Go Away,
Come Again Another Day,
This little boy cannot go outside
as long as you are here!

This is how Tallon spent most of the day yesterday..... Standing at the front door, pleading to go outside. Unfortunately, it was raining! For a child who hardly spent any amount of time outdoors his first year of life ( we lived in an apartment where people let their dogs go anywhere- and there was hardly any grass plus we lived in Dallas where it gets HOT so needless to say, we spent most of our time indoors or at the mall playing or at a friends house playing.) Now that we have a house with a yard, we have been going outside in the morning and in the afternoon just because the weather has been so nice and Tallon LOVES to be outside!
Anyways, Tal was not happy he could not go outside and at one point, he ran and got his shoes and brought them back to me, he sat down and looked at me like... Aren't you going to put these on so we can go outside. ( We always put on shoes before we go outside!!) it was really cute. It finally slowed down to just a slight drizzle, so I picked him up and out the door we went. We ended up having a great time- I wish i had taken a picture of us afterwards because we were both extremely dirty- me from planting pansies and Tallon from digging in the dirt!!! Posted by Picasa


Meaghan said...

Tallon is getting so big. He's standing at the door like he's been standing all his life. There's not a bit of unsteadiness.

caden jon said...

Tallon, we miss you and your family! You are SOOOOO cute- I love to see all your pictures!

Chrys and Mike said...

I love all your new pics! Sounds like things are going great! Tal is a doll.