Wednesday, August 16, 2006



He is walking! (and trying to run)! He now uses his walker more as a cane and pulls it beside or behind him as he travels places.

He now has 6 teeth and still LOVES to eat pretty much anything you give him, but he especially likes cheese, blueberries, yo-baby yogurt, butterbeans and goldfish crackers!

Tallon has started to enjoy being read to, he has started turning the pages on books all by himself and enjoys being read to. His current favorite books are "Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see?" and his nursery rhyme book with the accompanying CD. He has started to "bounce" and clap when he hears songs!

Tallon has just started giving us "Hi fives" when asked and he enjoys being tickled and playing with his daddy. He has a precious laugh and we enjoy hearing him laugh OFTEN=) He is a very happy, easy going child. He can now say "da-da" but has not quite figured out that "da-da" is his daddy! We still hear "Hey" in his deep voice very often and he continues to LOVE to wave at everyone he sees!( including the grocery store workers!)

He continues to be EXTREMELY active and I thank God daily for the child He has blessed us with! He is a JOY!

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