Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fun with Chad and Andi

Chad and Andi have been soo wonderful to us- they have been keeping Tallon 1-2x a week for 3 hrs while both Reeves and I are at work. They just emailed these pics that they had taken from some of their time with Tallon. It is soo evident from the smiles on Tallon's face that he is well loved by them and has a great time when he is with them. They are going to make awesome parents one day. and by the way- CONGRATS to Andi on getting her counseling license!
It has been the well- spent time that Chad has invested in Tallon helping him learn how to practically fly up the stairs!!


Julie said...

So nice to have people you trust watching your baby!! I am glad to hear that you and Reeves are getting a little down time, even if it is at work.

The Hongs said...

Hey Cannons! We are so excited about you know what!

Andi Thacker said...

We love keeping Tallon! He's such a great baby!