Sunday, August 27, 2006

Friday Fun

Tallon and I spent the afternoon Friday at Ashlyn's house while her Mom went to a conference. Ashlyn is such a fun little 3 1/2 yr old and she kept Tallon laughing and smiling as she sang, played dress up and danced around him!

Ashlyn also had some really fun toys at her house! Check out her princess outfit- she is such a beautiful little girl!!!!

We met up with Andi at the mall Friday afternoon and let Ashlyn and Tallon play! ( I have no idea whose feet those are!!)

Tallon loves to go thru the tube- he will crawl to the other end, turn around and wave at Mommy and than crawl back (over and over!!)

What a sweet smile to go along with a Fun day- Thanks for hanging out with me Andi- it was nice to have some adult conversation as the kids played and some help keeping up with 2 kids- YIKES- I do not know how people do it!!

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