Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mothers Day Weekend

Here is a collage of pictures from Mothers Day Weekend. Robert and Tiffany decided to surpise mom and come to the lake for the weekend. Dad and I knew and I could not wait to see my brother and Tiff. When we got there- I could not believe it when I saw another car with a
Kentucky license plate..... Yep- Elizabeth and Mike drove down for the weekend also!! It was so much fun getting to all hang out together and the time flew by! wish we all lived closer so we could see ya'll more!!

2009 Lake House Family Picture

Tallon giving Dad a thumbs up for skiing on one ski!
I love this little boy sooo much!

Happy Mother's Day Mimi!
They guys playing football
Aunt Tiffany playing with Tallon
Liz and Mike

Dad and Liz
chilling on the boat

my sweet boy- I can not believe he is almost 4!!
Seriously, Tal thinks if he is on the boat, he is supposed to be helping drive the boat!

Tal and Pop

Playing the famous card game "Cheng Hi"

The girls picture....

what is everyone looking at.....

including Papa
2 crazy geese totally going at it in front of the house....evidently they are very territorial and 1 of the male geese got near the other female and that totally ticked the other male off and he went after him!! i was afraid there was going to be a death, but thankfully they finally settled it and went on in 2 different directions....
The guy picture ( minus Tal who was refusing to be in any pictures at the moment)
Don't they all look so happy to be related and together at the lake?
Sweet baby girl LOVES her toes!
Nana and Papa
Tess loved all the attention Aunt Liz gave her

Aunt Liz skiing
Uncle Rob with Mr Joe Cool!
Look closely....... crazy men
Yes, they did it- switched ski ropes..... several times.....
We wish we all lived closer bc the guys really do have fun hanging out together-

Mike is really good at staying on the float no matter how crazy the boat driver gets trying to throw Mike off the float
Mimi and Tal
Enjoy it now.... because once you have kids..... there is no such thing as "resting"!
I think someone was exhausted.....
Pop put together a great game of "shoot the cans"
Click on the following picture- gotta love Aunt Tiff's face!!
No family weekend is complete without Papa's famous fish!! YUMMY
Tallon loves to help mimi cook- this morning they were making cinnamon rolls and someone was being goofy in front of the camera!

Papa fishing

Uncle Rob and Aunt Tiff

Reeves has finally mastered skiing on only one ski!! You have come along way baby!
Little Lake boy!


gillian said...

I loved seeing all these wonderful pics of your sweet family at the lake! what a great place to gather, hang-out, and relax! well as much as a mother can relax right! you have a beautiful family Rebecca!

ROBERT said...

Thanks for taking time to post with comments-loved the memories. It was a great weekend.

love, Mom

Aron said...

I loved this post! I know y'all had a Fabulous time! Maybe next time someone else should do that family Lake portrait, though. ;)

Jennifer said...

I love the picture of Tal giving a thumbs up. TOO CUTE!