Friday, June 19, 2009

4 month portraits

Pictures taken the day we dedicated Tess! Mom made her dress and bonnet- I LOVED them!

Love Reeves expression in this picture and soo thankful to have a photographer in the family, although Reeves is not too fond of how Collin positions him for portraits sometimes=)
Here are a sample of the portraits from Tess' 4 month session! I can not begin to make up my mind- I LOVE them All!!

Our little stinker!!


Merritt Pace said...

I love your blog! Your family is precious! I know that you are so proud! Did you remember that our anniversaries are the same? I had my wedding reception at my Mom and Dad's house the same day you had yours at your parents' house. Feel free to visit our blog ( My husband, Steven, and I live in Columbia. We have one little boy, Sam, who is 4. Have a super weekend!

Merritt (Parker) Pace

Aron said...

I love that little china doll baby!!!

Erin and Andrew said...

Great family pics. Tess is absolutely gorgeous. We love you Sweet Girl!

Michelle said...

All of the pictures are precious! I wouldn't be able pick one either!

Becky, Phil and Hayden said...

AMAZING pictures!! I wish I had a photographer like that!

gillian said...

she is so beautiful!!!