Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We had a wonderful Easter weekend! how Thankful I am that my God is ALIVE. He is not dead, the stone was rolled away and he is Alive. I bought Tallon a sticker ( 200 plus sticker) book telling the story of Jesus' death and resurrection and we enjoyed putting the different stickers of Mary, Judas, the priest, soldiers and the cross and stone on the pages and reading the story together. I am amazed at how much a 3 yr old can comprehend. I pray that he will soon realize the depth of Christ's love for him and the sacrifice Jesus paid on the cross for his sin so that He too can have eternal life.

Tallon spent all day Friday with Mimi and Pop while I cleaned our home and carried Tess to Dr. Ben for her 4 month check-up. He had a blast- The dyed Easter Eggs, made Easter sugar cookies ( surprise, surprise- Tallon LOVES the sugar cookie dough..... just like his mommy!!) and enjoyed a beautiful warm spring day playing outside! Thanks for keeping Tallon so I could have a clean home ( for a few hrs anyways!)
Tallon rigged up the jeep to pull his friends- Elmo and a few other stuffed animals around the yard. Mom and Dad said he kept trying to put Elmo in the drivers seat and see if he could make Elmo push the gas so that he ( Tallon) could ride behind the jeep- Silly Boy!

Saturday- we had a Easter Egg Hunt at our Church. Over 2000 eggs were stuffed with stickers, toys and candy and hidden across the lawn. The kids enjoyed making a fun craft ( the made an Easter Lily with their handprint) and a beautiful narration of the Easter story and Gospel message was shared by Tallon's Favorite Sunday School Teachers- Mr John and Mrs. Colleen. I don't have any pictures but am hoping that once Aunt Aron posts hers- I will "steal" a few for my blog=) Sat afternoon my parents came over and helped Reeves paint my living/dining room and our kitchen- can I tell you how AWESOME those rooms look now- I LOVE the colors and am so pleased with how they turned out!

Sunday- we actually made it to the Easter Sunrise Service- I remember always going to this with my family growing up and although our kids are young- it is something I want to do with them. I so want them to realize what Easter is really about and want that to be our main focus. The Easter Bunny did not make an appearance at our house this year ( Tal had already been to 3 Easter egg hunts so we decided he had plenty of candy already!) We had a delicious lunch at Linda and Fred's home and enjoyed hanging out with Reeves' family and our close friends- the Elders that afternoon.

We attempted to get a family picture at church- it was actually quite comical looking over the pictures- as soon as Tess is looking at camera- Tal isn't... oh well..... There is ALWAYS Uncle Collin right down the road ( and for that I am extremely grateful- I think one day soon when I have everyone dressed up I will just head on down to his place)
Mimi made Tess's dress and bonnet- the dress had her monogram- I just LOVED it!

We attempted to get a few pictures before Church Sunday morning.... Tallon was not into having his picture taken with mommy and Tess at all......
Mommy even agreed the ballon could be in the picture but he still refused to look at camera and smile.....
so I told Reeves to just take some and than said here- let's get one of you and Tess together and what does my son do- he says " I want a picture with Daddy and Tess" and nicely stands near daddy and smiles!

I LOVE YOU Tallon- even if you did not want to be in a picture with your mother!!


gillian said...

I LOVE Tess dress and bonnet!!! and I had to laugh a little at Tallons stubborness during picture time...he is so cute Rebecca! You have a beautiful family!!!

Elizabeth said...

their easter outfits were soo cute... sounds like y'all had a busy and fun weekend, next year tallon will have to paint an easter egg for me since i missed out and always loved doing it. Miss you and love u

Jennie said...

Tess is so cute in that bonnet...it makes me want to squeel.

Becky, Phil and Hayden said...

Tess's outfit is adorable!!!! Glad you all are doing well! And no, I don't think Tess and Tallon look the same. Two cuties with different features!