Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Many people say they think Tallon and Tess "look alike"- I could not disagree more. I think they both distinctly have their own characteristics..... take a look

Tallon- newborn
Tess- newborn
Tallon- 2 weeks old
Tess- 2 weeks old
Tess- 3 weeks old
Tallon- 7 weeks old

Tallon- 4 months old

Tess- 4 months old
now that I am looking at the pics- maybe I do see some similarity in their faces but I still think they def do not look identical at all! but I do know FOR SURE that they came from the same 2 people=) What a blessing God has bestowed upon us- the privelage of raising these 2 precious cuties!


Erin and Andrew said...

I agree, they have their own look. But those are some pretty babies! I loved seeing those pictures of Tallon as a baby. He is so sweet!

jill said...

They do look a lot different! They are too cute Becca! Natalie and I are thinking about going to the Children's Museum in Columbia a week from this thursday. Let us know if you are interested in meeting up! I would love to meet those cute babies one day!

gillian said...

Tallon was a skinny baby! They for sure look like brother and sister but not identical.

The Severances said...

I totally agree that they look different--both so cute though! Loved your Easter pics. That Easter dress and bonnet are beautiful!

Aron said...

Definitely different...but both SO SWEET!!! Love them!

ARH said...

You have two very beautiful children and definately unique. It is fun to see pictures of Talon then and now! It is amazing how quickly they grow up.