Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Something Worth Smiling About

Tess turned 7 weeks old today... and Boy has she grown. She weighed 10 lbs, 7 oz at the hospital last Thursday!! We have had several fun days back at home!

Tallon was thrilled to see the snow falling outside yesterday morning when he woke up. His First comment: "It's not alot of snow mommy"
"I need my ski's"
uh-oh- sorry bud- no ski's or skiing to be found in SC-
Let's just try playing in the inch or 2 lightly covering the ground!

We headed over to Aron and Collin's home so that I could stay nice and warm inside with Tess while Aron bundled up and headed outside with the kids. She got some great pictures- check her blog here!

Tallon did not last long outside though

"It's cold' and "I'm hungry"

So we headed back home and while Tess napped- he and I had a yummy lunch- grilled cheese sandwiches and potato soup-mmmmm!

Later on, he decided to test out the snow in our backyars so, I bundled him up, grabbed a few pictures and out he went ( he lasted about 5 minutes!)

Tallon does not think he needs naps anymore so we have gone to "quiet time"- we read up in his room for awhile and than He can play quietly (or sleep) for an hour!! It is such a needed and refreshing time for me!! This is how I found him the other day when I went to check on him at the end of his quiet time!!
Yes, son- I think some days you still need a nap!!
Aron and the kids came over to hang out this morning-
Clara Beth decided real quick that she did NOT want to be in the picture ( can you tell her dad's a photographer!)
and last but not least..... Something DEFINITELY WORTH SMILING ABOUT!!

MY Sweet, SMILING little girl!

I know I am biased but I just think Tess is beautiful!!
and... check out the pretty hairbow!


Aron said...

She IS beautiful! GORGEOUS!!! and those pics of Tal in the chair? Priceless. That boy cracks me up. We loved coming over this morning! Can't wait to snuggle with Sweet Pea again!

Michelle said...

Oh, she IS beautiful! I love those pictures - so precious. I like the ones of Tal in the chair (and the ones of him in the carseat) too. I am glad that Tess is feeling better and hope she continues to recover quickly!

gillian said...

she is beautiful!

tigernurse said...

LOVE Tal sleeping in his chair! The pictures of Miss Tess smiling are precious! Her outfit is so cute...must be a Baby Lulu or Baby Nay:) The bow is fabulous. I'm so glad she has all that hair for you to play with. Now when Miss Priss doesn't have a bow in, I feel like something is missing. I think she has worn one everyday! Glad y'all got some of the white stuff. So much fun! m

Reece said...

I like this post much better than the last one! Oh the nap in the chair is priceless. The hair bows are just perfect and the smile is precious. Hopefully we can get together soon.

Chrys and Mike said...

The pic of Tal sacked out in the chair is priceless!

So glad Tess is better!


Holly said...

tess had more hair when she was born than Damaris has now :)

The Gibson's said...

Rebecca - I am glad to see you all doing well. That is too cute of Tallon on the chair asleep. Tess is precious and has such a sweet smile. I love her little outfit.

Our4GreatKids said...

I love the pic of Tal sleeping in the chair... that is priceless. I am happy to hear Tess is feeling better... I did not know she was in the hospital. Please let us know if you guys ever need anything!

Li Li said...

Of COURSE you're not biased, because I agree with you 100%. She is a beautiful baby!!! And she is growing way too fast!!! Already she looks at the three "big kids" like she wants to join them.
I love the pic of Tal asleep in the chair!! He is so sweet. I can't wait to see him at WDW.