Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day

Tal woke up Sunday morning ASKING to go to lake! We were packed, just told him we had to wait until after church!! so as soon as church was out- we were on the road and Tallon was sooo excited! He LOVES the boat, water, swimming and playing at the lake!! This kid is definitely my little outdoor boy! We spent Sunday afternoon putting the boat and jet skiis in the water and both mom and I managed to grab a nice nap in the hammocks while Tal napped inside!!
Monday morning- several of our friends came down to hang out for the day!! We had a blast and it was fun watching the kids play together! Thanks for coming everyone!

Ready to GO!

Daddy and Tal getting ready to go on the first ride of this summer!

Tal and "his Pop"!!

The kids table at lunch!

Collin and Makgill
The dads loved taking their kids on the jet skis!
Brandon and Parson

Lilah LOVES Aron!

hanging out on the boat!

Steve- our "pro" waterskier of the day!

Aiden LOVED the water!

Elliot was quite content with his bucket- such a cutie!


Aron said...

We had SO MUCH FUN!!! Thanks for a GREAT Memorial Day!

DarleyFamily said...

Looks like y'all had a fabulous time! Hope you are feeling better these days and catching lots of naps:) I survive on naps:) It is our favorite thing around her...OK, well MY favorite thing! Would love to see y'all in July, let me know when. m

Brandon,Jessica,Parson,and Lilah said...

We had a blast!!!!!Parson told all his friends and teachers about the SNAKE on the jet ski and Dr. adams killing it.Thanks for letting us join you at the lake I think Brandon had the most FUN!!!We all enjoyed it.