Wednesday, May 28, 2008

12 and 32

Well- I have finally reached the 12th week of pregnance! 196 days to go!! I am still having some rough bouts of nausea/vomiting at times throughout some days, but than other days go great!! I am really praying that this will slowly ease away in this next week! We shall see! Tallon seems to be adjusting to the "talk" of a new baby. He says he wants a "baby sista" the majority of the time. He loves to come take the baby from my belly and hold it and than will say "Baby Go Night Night and put it back to my belly". too funny- hope he doesn't think baby will come and go this easy when he or she arrives in person! The other weekend- we were on the boat and talking about Daddy going skiing and Tallon said "mommy ski" and I said No- Mommy can't ski because of the baby. Well- Tal evidently wanted me to ski because he came up to my belly- held his hands out and said - "I hold baby- now mommy ski" and placed the baby up to his belly!!

I am soo thankful for each opportunity we get to check out "baby" in the womb. I think it is soo cool to see the changes and growth over just a few weeks. Here are some pics of Baby #2 at 12 weeks.
side profile

front profile with both arms in front of face
Front profile without arms in the way

I can not wait to meet this little one!!

on a fun note- i sleep with my Right arm up over my head. In 1 of our ultrasounds with Tal- his Right arm is up and once he was born, we could never swaddle him bc he slept with his arms up over his head and still does to this day! Evidently this baby is not going to be "swaddleable" either bc he/she is already keeping their arms up!! =)

Speaking of Tallon- my 32 month old boy!
Tallon has developed quite an imagination lately. There are constant choo-choo and "all aboard" and snake sounds going throughout my house. He loves to attach something to the back of his trike and tell me that is his boat and he will back up the trike putting the boat in water, etc. We had the kitchen chairs in a row of 3 the other day while we vacuumed under the table and Tallon did not want us to put the chairs back because this was his train. He spent a good bit of time yelling out "all aboard" and making the train sounds as the train headed to his destination!
We have found several snakes in the backyard lately (YIKES!!!) and so he loves to put on his rain boots, hat, grab a stick and head out into the yard - "I'm looking for snakes mommy!!" Oh BOY oh BOY- that is JUST what mommy wants him to find!!
Speaking of sticks.... there are currently 4 sitting outside our front door- Tal and I had a LONG talk this morning about why he can NOT bring sticks into the house!! so now they sit outside the door and he happily grabs 1 or 2 or more as he heads outside to play!

Tal loves to sing and now proudly sings the whole version of "Jesus loves me" as well as ABC song, Happy Birthday. EIEO and The wheels on the bus still rank in his top song list request!! He is currently learning Twinkle Twinkle Little Star it is hilarious to hear him attempt to sing this song!
He is quite my little eater- still picky when it comes to fruit but LOVES most everything else- especially COOKIES AND CAKE! Tal's last day of MMO was this morning and I am looking forward to spending lots of time with him swimming and playing this summer- I am a little bit sad to think this is my last summer with him- just "us" you know!


Aron said...

I LOVE that Boy!!! The stories about him "taking" the baby are priceless!

Casey said...

Hey Rebecca could you email me so I'll have your email address? Mine is CaseyRN at aol dot com

Ginger said...

hey rebecca, i just wanted to say congrats to you on baby #2. very happy for y'all. i hope you start feeling better real soon and can really enjoy your pregnancy. i am at 27 weeks now, so i have about 3 months left. the baby is moving all the time these days. we still haven't picked a name. boys' names are hard to come up with, especially to top bauer :) i wish you best of luck and a great summer. love, ginger

Andrews Family Fun said...

Tallon is precious! Your stories are VERY familiar - and that just makes me smile that we have these boys! They are full of awe and wonder aren't they - Basically everything you wrote - the sticks, the snakes, the choo choo train, the imagination - they are soooo familiar. God bless these precious boys :)

Kaelyn said...

so glad your pregnancy is going well. I can't believe Tallon is getting so close to 3. Wow how time flies. Fun to read about what a 3 year old does!
I hope you are feeling better!

Robert and Tiffany Adams said...

Awww, Little Buddy is getting to be such a big boy! He's going to be a great Big Brother. Glad you're starting to feel better.

Todd and Jenn G said...

How precious!! WE are so excited for you guys. Just wish you lived closer so we could meet this new addition in person.

Chrys and Mike said...

those sono pics are AMAZING!!!!! what a precious, precious baby!!!

i'm so excited for you!!!