Thursday, February 28, 2008


I am looking to order Tallon a Bible storybook of some sort and would love any recommendations from others who have young toddlers also. Let me know of any your suggestions.


Liz said...

I love 100 Bible Songs 100 Bible Stories by Stephen Elkin. It has great stories and pics and comes with two super CDs with 100 songs that go along with the stories. We leave ours on the kitchen table and Ashley always ask to read a Bible story each morning. We bought it at Family Christian Bookstore.

caden jon said...

yes! the one from Liz is great! Another one we really like is the rhyme time bible storybook... it goes through the whole Bible (well, you know- hitting the BIG stories most kiddos should know) and each story is about 4 short pages (not a lot of words on each page) and the pictures are great and the nest part is its super fun because it all rhymes! You could read a story in one minute or you could read lots of them if you're in the mood. Very cute.

The Gibson's said...

My grandmother gave Emma Read and Share Bible. I have enjoyed reading it to her. The stories are short. Sounds like the rhyme time bible storybook may be similar. I love your music playlist. In fact I sometimes let it play during the day.

DarleyFamily said...

The suggestion from Liz sounds fabulous and I am going to look into that one too. Someone gave us a great children's bible story book as a baby gift for Miss Priss and the boys love us reading it to them every morning. It is not in toddler format but they love the stories and always ask to "read Jesus". I love the way it is set up b/c every story points to Jesus. Go to our blog and there is a link of this book under "books we are reading" on the right hand side. Something to the effect of The storybook of Jesus where every story whispers His name...I have enjoyed reading it too. Hope this helps:) m

Chrys and Mike said...

We have The Rhyme Bible Storybook (Sattgast) and The Singing Bible CDs by Focus on the Family. I have also heard great things about The Big Picture Storybook Bible.

We also have Big Truths for Little Kids and My ABC Bible Verses: Hiding God's Word in Little Hearts(both by Susan Hunt. They are great but will be even better in a year or so.


Jon and Emily Wylie said...

I heard at Bible study the other day some ladies talking about the Jesus Storybook Bible. Apparently it is pretty new, published 2007 I think and all of the stories are told in a way that explains how they point to Christ. So I've not read it but it is one I am going to look at soon!
I think they said good for ages 3 and up and even great for older kids too.