Saturday, July 21, 2007

Zoo Fun

Last Thursday morning, we packed up our gear of strollers, sippy cups, snacks, and toddlers and headed off to the zoo (in 4 packed cars)!! Thanks soo much for planning this Jennie and Carlisle! We had 9 kiddos among us- ages ranging from 14 months to 3 1/2! What a fun morning it was and we are already looking forward to our August adventure at Edventure Children's Museum!

All the kiddos LOVED the aquarium and watching the bright colored fish!

These 2 boys were the only boys (besides Makgill and Parson who are both 3 1/2) among all the girls in their age group- I think they are going to be GREAT BUDS! they both are very active and LOVE LOVE LOVE outdoors!!
Even as the youngest (for the time being!), Clara Beth (14 months) LOVED the zoo!

Mrs. Lia and Abbey having some sweet mommy- daughter time!Break time and... SNACK TIME! notice that Tallon has a ball cap in his hand- he thought that Luke's hat was extremely cool and kept taking it off Luke's head- soo sorry Luke! Thanks for being a good sport about it!
(Tallon, Clara Beth, Makgill, Luke, Carlisle)
The rest of the bunch
(Olivia, Abbey, Parson and Lilah)
Check out the line of kids all watching the flamingo's!
I just love this sweet little boy soooo much!
Mrs. Jennie with Carlisle and Mrs Courtney with Olivia
Tallon trying to act like a gorilla?!
Lilah, May I PLEASE have some of your goldfish?!
Tallon was very content to ride in Mrs. Jessica's stroller next to Lilah (also close in age)
....and the goldfish!

Mrs. Julie and Luke

The giraffe was leaning over the railing eating carrots- All the kids loved getting a close look at him! Here is Aron and Makgill in front of the giraffe- evidently the giraffe needs a few lessons in camera posing because he would not cooperate for the picture=)Sweet Olivia and her mommy Courtney watching the giraffe eat!
On to the ELEPHANTS!

Luke and Tallon checking out something?! We loved getting to hang out with Mrs. Julie and Luke- Luke and Tal are pretty close in age and we are looking forward to lots more adventures with these 2!
Makgill and Parson burning some energy in the gorilla exhibit! We all enjoyed a break indoors- it was HOT!!
On our way back to the cars after a FUN morning, now.. on to Chick-Fil-A for lunch!Makgill was the last to fall asleep in our car- it was a very peaceful ride home!


Brian, Jennie and Carlisle said...

My sweet Tallon and Rebecca. We love you guys. Thanks for being such great friends! The "secret project" upstairs is soon to be done, Tallon HAS to come back over and enjoy it with Carlisle! Can't wait for EDVENTURE!!! : )

Julie, Robert and Luke said...

How much fun we had!!! I know for sure that Tal and Luke are going to have such a ball together in the months to come. I love watching them interact! Thanks so much for the invitation!