Tuesday, July 10, 2007


We headed down to Myrtle Beach last Friday evening to spend part of my parent's beach week with them. Reeves was only able to stay until Sunday evening, but Tallon and I enjoyed the beach until Tuesday afternoon! We ALL had a blast. This was Tallon's 2nd time to the beach since he was born (he was only 6 months when we visited last time) and he loved it!! We were blessed with some overcast days which made it nice to be on the beach with a toddler.

Some Facts I do not want to forget about this trip and age (22 months)

- Tallon is now speaking a few sentences- mostly-I want More (sounds more like iwunmo) and I want down (Iwondon)

- He loved running into the little pools of water on the beach and spashing- not into the waves at all, but loved the sand and destroying Reeves' hard built sand castles! He also enjoyed taking his boat and pushing it along the bottom of the water! soo cute=)

-Tallon LOVE LOVE LOVED the lazy river, hot tub and pool. We spent hours at the pool each morning before his nap and then he wanted to go back "outside"(sounds more like owside) as soon as he woke up!

-Tal was actually putting his head under water by Tues- he is quite the little swimmer with his swim vest on- I highly recommend this vest (made by Swim Ways)- my child is already learning how to kick his feet and paddle his arms to swim

- We found a smaller kid size float at the pool- someone must have left it- and Tallon played with it everyday- he loved to pull his arms up on it, then fall down and take 1 arm to lift the float over his head- he found this extremely funny!

-Tallon was extremely worn out from all of his hard swimming and on Mon evening- we let him out on the porch overlooking with pool and beach area with his pacifier- OOPS- the paci flew out of his hand- by accident- down into the pool! Luckily- we were able to recover it and he slept well Mon night!

- Tallon went on his 1st merry go round with Pop- HE LOVED IT and went into the terrible two's fit as soon as it stopped and he had to get off!

-Tallon ate boiled shrimp and ... kept asking for me- this kid is a fantastic eater (minus fruit)

We had a BLAST Mimi and Pop- Thanks soo much for feeding us, playing with Tallon and letting us come down to the beach! We are already looking forward to next year!

I took a LOT of pictures- enjoy the slideshow!


Robert and Tiffany Adams said...

It looks like you guys had such a blast at the beach. I can't believe how much Tallon has grown and developed since the month ago we saw you guys. We're so excited to see you at the lake next week.

Courtney said...

Glad you had a good time but glad you're back...we've missed seeing you guys!

Brian, Jennie and Carlisle said...

GREAT photography Rebecca, looks like the dream beach family trip!

The Bakers said...

love all the pictures. looks like you all have fun at the beach! the 18 month pics are awesome. hope you all are doing well...can't believe how big tallon is getting.

Collin, Aron, Makgill, and Clara Beth said...

I'm so glad that Tal enjoyed the beach so much, Rebecca! We can't wait to spend the week with him. The kids will have so much fun!!!

Beth, Joshua & Isabella said...

What a cutie... He's getting so big! ;-)

M/G said...

He is a great swimmer already! We'll have to check in to that vest. We're hoping to do swim lessons with Anna next month. Glad you had a good time at the beach.