Friday, April 06, 2007

Professional Easter Pictures

note: all pictures viewed in this post were taken by Collin M. Smith Portrait
Photography- you can check out his website here. He always captures my sweet little boy's personality and expressions so well!!!

We have a photographer in the family- not just someone who claims to have skills and enjoys photography but a FOR REAL PHOTOGRAPHER and he is amazing!! Tallon's Uncle Collin has won all sorts of awards in SC for his Beautiful Portrait Work. He also has a way of photographing my son like no one else has been able to- they were kind enough to fly out to Dallas when Tal was 6 weeks old to visit us (and meet Tallon of course=) and also to take black and white photos of Tal which I treasure soo much!! Well, after seeing my feeble attempt at Easter pictures- Collin and Aron were nice enough to give up a few minutes of family time yest afternoon to photograph Tal for me. Oh- they turned out amazing!!!! plus- Tallon really enjoyed getting to see and play with his cousins Makgill and Clara Beth! They had their picture taken as well. Check out their pictures on their blog.

Evidently Tallon enjoys having his picture taken because he got REALLY UPSET when Uncle Collin told him that he was finished!!



Chris & Emily said...

Great pictures - absolutely beautiful!! The last one is priceless!!!

The Bakers said...

I love those....I like smocked outfits too! Kaelyn had a dress I can't wait to put her in that is smocked. Good job on the pictures!

Laura said...

Wow! What great pictures! I always think I have good pictures until I see those taken by a professional....I should have Eli's picture taken outside like these! Tal looks so cute!!

Chrys and Mike said...

Those are great! Priceless. I love the first one the most.


M/G said...

Those are awesome pictures!! Wish we had a professional photographer in our family. :0)