Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Egg Hunt

We met several friends at the Smith household and had an Easter Egg Hunt for the kiddos. Tallon actually found a few eggs but seemed to be more interested in riding the cozy coupe and playing in Makgill's jeep. They say it takes some people 1 yr to adjust after moving and Reeves has constantly been reminding me that Chip Ingram's wife cried every day for an entire year when they moved from California to Atlanta to pastor a new church. I must say that I still have my "reminiscing days" and truly miss my friendships in Dallas, but am thankful that God is beginning to cultivate new friendships here as well!! If only, I could have the best of both worlds- atleast I partially am able to keep up thru friends' blogs!!!

Clara Beth is all ready to hunt for eggs!

Off they go!

Tallon and Daddy looking for eggs in the bushes!


A little sidetracked from the hunt!

Aunt Aron, LiLi and Clara Beth


Check out that look of sheer excitement!

Tallon loves riding in the jeep with Makgill

Sweet Cousins!

Clara Beth is not so sure about being in Uncle Reeves' arms!!

Tallon managed to have the jeep all to himself for quite some time this afternoon when the older boys ran around the yard- he LOVED playing in it and would open the door, climb in, play a little, laugh and smile, open door, climb out and start all over- it was too cute watching him play all by himself!

Happy Easter everyone-as we celebrate Easter may we truly be thankful for the
death and resurrection of Jesus Christ!
I pray daily that Tallon will come to Know, Love and Serve The One and Only God!




M/G said...

You mentioning Chip Ingram makes me miss the Dallas radio station sooo much!! I loved listening to Living on the Edge everyday before lunch and we don't get that on our stations here. I just got an MP3 player for my b-day though so I'm planning to download his broadcasts and listen to them while I work out. Praise the Lord for technology. :0)

Julie said...

How cute is that Easter Bunny outfit. I think that is the first time I have seen an outfit like that! Hope you guys had a wonderful Easter!

M/G said...

I think I've finally learned how to add videos to Anna's blog after checking out yours. Thanks for the help! :0)