Monday, May 04, 2009

All Things Boy

Riding his bike, loads of imaginative play, sticks, balls, and lots of running.... Tallon has had a great month enjoying the spring weather we have had.

He and Daddy working on his racecar for the Awana Grand Prix!

Tallon especially loved mixing the paints.....
I think they used EVERY paint color I have ever bought!
very determined....

what a beautiful car.... unfortunately Daddy and tal are going to have to brush up on their skills for making the car go fast ( it came in dead last in every single round of races--- but thankfully Tallon did not realize it- he just LOVED watching his car go down the track!)
Tallon helped wrap Pop's birthday gift... he included one of his crocs in the gift bag as a joke ( this was TOTALLY Planned by him... I kept taking the shoe out of the bag.. he kept telling me "No mommy, it is for Pop and than he would just GRIN!)
Tallon loves to ride his bike~

Wearing his new sunglasses ( courtesy of the Awana store)

Pretending to fill his lawn mower up with gas!

no stick goes untouched in our yard...

Wonder what he is contemplating doing now....

Taking a break to have his picture taken with Tess!!
He often asks me to "take our picture Mommy!"


ROBERT said...

Great pictures of kids. They are growing so fast.
Love, Mimi

Chris and Emily said...

Loved these two posts!! We can certainly relate to the all things boys - you could have just replaced Cort in each of those pictures of Tal. Well, except for the pose for the camera one - that rarely happends these days!!!

I'll just have to live through your posts for all the all things girl!!

Robert and Tiffany Adams said...

Oh my goodness, Bec, the kids are HUGE! Growing so quickly. That pic of Tal is his sunglasses is totally going to come back and haunt him someday...I can just see it now in the slideshow at his rehearsal dinner!