Monday, March 30, 2009


This morning while getting Tallon dressed and ready for school.
Me- "Time to make up your bed- which side of the bed do you want" ( tallon likes to choose which side he wants to make up each day

Tal- " This side"- walks over to the side closest to the wall

we make up bed. Tallon find his Buzz Lightyear pretend phone on the floor next to wall.

Me- "Let's get dressed Tallon"

Tal- picks up phone and puts it next to his ear as I am trying to get his pants on.
"Wait mommy", Buzz says I have to go to a meeting"

Me- "a meeting?" well you need to get dressed before you can go to your meeting"

Tal- "hold on mommy", then talking in to phone- "Buzz, Mommy says I have to get dressed first", he listens for a bit and than says "ok, Bye"

Me- "can we get dressed now Tallon"

Tallon- " Yes, Buzz said I could come after I get dressed"

where does he get this imagination from?! I am having the BEST conversations with him lately and I often think- I want to remember these because some are really funny, so I figured I could try blogging them when I remember to!!


Elizabeth said...

that is hilarious Becca, by the way I LOVE the picture of him cant wait to see more

Aron said...

Tal says the funniest things! I love that kid!

Erin and Andrew said...

So cute! He is hilarious! I can just see him saying all of this.

The Severances said...

That is great! I am really glad you blogged it because it will be so fun to look back and remember!

Li Li said...

Yep!! This sounds like my boy!!! Talking to him is like having a conversation with an adult. Wish you could show his hand motions. I can just see them.

Jennifer said...

He looks so grown up in those pictures. They grow too quickly!