Monday, February 16, 2009


We enjoyed WARM weather last week so we spent most of our days outside playing. With Tess starting to go to bed earlier and getting into more of a routine- I have been playing around with several crafts on my new sewing machine!! Hope you enjoy a glimpse into our days lately...
they are FULL and we are thankful for the 2 children God has blessed us with!

Mom and I gave making our own pacifier clips a try. They turned out pretty cute if I do say so!Check out the fun boy fabric- I am making a gift for a friend who is having a boy in a few weeks!
When Tess gets fussy or when I need to get stuff done- this is where Tess goes-
she LOVES the sling and often goes right to sleep!
We had several friends over to play 1 day last week-
Check out Sadie in the cute shirt that I made and mom monogrammed for me!
We loved having Will and his brother Cole over. Will is Tallon's age and it was fun having another boy to play with! Makgill, CB, Will and Tallon found a way for all the kids to enjoy the jeep! Sorry I did not get any pictures of cutie Cole!

oops- it did not work!LOVE this picture of Tal and Clara Beth! They really are good friends!

Makgill just knew that it could work- Come on Will- Don't let GO!

We seem to be exhausted by 8 pm every night!
Tal, Tess and I headed over to Papa and Nana's last Thursday. Nana cooked a DELICIOUS meal for us- nothing better than a homecooked meal of veggies, cornbread and ham- THANKS Nana!! Tal and Tess loved the attention and we even spent some time outside in the beautiful weather!

Papa loving on Tess
Papa and Bama

This is the face you get when you ask him to smile!

LOVE my little boy!

Guess who learned how to climb the fence!?
Tallon was so proud of himself!
Mommy- well- I think it is only a matter of time before he starts climbing trees...
better start the broken bone fund!

Nana got to love on Tess too!
For Valentine's this year- we went out with 3 other couples from our small group. We rarely get to do things without kids so we enjoyed getting to converse with other adults over a delicious dinner! We are so thankful for the friendships God has blessed us with!
Sweet, Sleepy Baby Girl!

I can not believe she is almost 3 months old!


Elizabeth said...

the pacifiers turned out soo cute Becca and Tess is looking so big! I loved your birth announcement for her

Michelle said...

I love all your new sewing projects. So cute! I wish I knew how to sew! So many neat things to make!

The Adams: Robert & Tiffany said...

Looks like you guys had some super fun weeks! Thanks for posting the updates!

Melanie Turner said...

2 things...(1) We had so much fun at your house...thanks a lot for inviting us! We want ya'll to come over next! (2) I cannot believe Tess sleeps on her back. That is awesome! I would never have let Will sleep on his tummy, but I had to w/ Cole b/c he wouldn't have it any other way. You have some pretty awesome kids!

The Severances said...

Did you say 3 months?! I can't believe that either! Great pics. Glad you are enjoying sewing!

gillian said...

you and your mom are doing a great job with your sewing projects!!! so cute!

BlondieLox said...

i haven't been over here in a bit. your little Tess is a doll! congrats!!! and the pacifier clips...they are too cute - like you should start and store kinda cute!