Sunday, August 17, 2008

Our home has been filled with boxes for a few weeks now and this weekend we have hit the road full speed to get things packed up! It has actually gone really smoothly ( this is our 3rd move in 3 yrs and I told Reeves that I think we actually have this packing thing down!). Reeves packed the cord that goes from my camera to the comp to download pics so you will have to wait awhile to see any of the pics that I have taken but 2 funny stories that I wanted to share.

First- Tallon has started to notice my belly. Friday- it seemed like all he did was "run into my belly" and get distracted by it. He kept pointing at it and saying "Its going up" ( his version of getting bigger!) I was beginning to think that I would not survive the next 3 months with Tallon soo distracted bc it was taking him TWICE as long to do everything ( especially pottying bc he would just want to point and talk about my belly!) I am definitely feeling every bit ( and maybe some more) of the 23 weeks that I am. My bladder and back are both looking forward to Dec when the baby will come OUT and I am thoroughly enjoying feeling baby girl kick and move around LOTS!!

Friday evening, Reeves and I packed up the closets, Tallon's room and den. Tallon has been soo good, playing quietly with boxes and helping at times, but pretty much entertaining himself which has been VERY helpful! Reeves was packing up our dvd's and he called me when he got done- he was holding about 4 EMPTY BOZ cases and an empty Cedermont Kids Toddler Action Bible song DVD case. hmmm.. we have watched pretty much all of those dvds in the past week so I could not figure out HOW on earth we had lost all those dvds.

I asked Tallon if he knew where his dvd's where.

He just gave me this look and said " I don't know"

..... fast forward a few hrs later. I am watching the Olympics and chilling on the couch and notice Tallon's Cars suitcase out of the corner of my eye.

"Hey Tallon- You did not happen to put your DVD's in your suitcase did you?!?"

no Mommy.

"Well, how about bringing your suitcase over here and let's see what is in it......

Tallon rolled the suitcase over, gave me a smile and unzipped the suitcase, holding up 5 DVD's- HERE THEY ARE MOMMY!! " Evidently, in the midst of all of our packing.. Tallon was packing his prize possessions as well.... including... the dvd's, several balls and some trucks!


gillian said...

Glad to hear my back isn't the only one feeling baby girl! Your spinning baby is on week 19?

gillian said...

Do you have your blog set to change backgrounds daily or something???

Jennie said...

your blog looks great! love the new do!