Thursday, January 31, 2008


My dad- aka "POP"left this past Saturday for a 2 week medical mission trip to Honduras. Of course- Tallon and I had to go see him before he left, so we had some quality hang out time Friday morning and than Saturday morning after Carlisle's birthday party- Reeves, Tal and I headed back over to tell Pop bye-bye- one more time! I brought my camera, but silly me- I left it in the car during our visit- atleast I grabbed these 2 shots as we were loading up.

A few notes to remember-

My dad usually picks Tallon up from mothers morning out (on the days that I work- usually once a week) and than they head to McDonalds where Pop buys Tallon his very own happy meal ( frugal mommy here makes him split whatever she orders!), they play on the playground and than dad carries him home for his nap and I usually pick him up shortly after he wakes up. Tallon LOVES these times- he often sees one of his McDonald toys around the house and quickly tells whoever is nearby that "Pop got me that"!
so- on Monday- I dropped Tal off at MMO, Picked him up and Tal looked at me and said "Pop get me"- I said No, remember Pop is gone- he is in Honduras ( and have Tal repeat Honduras- it sounds hilarious- more like "Duras" in Tallon speech! so we walk out to our car and Tallon again asks for Pop- THANKFULLY, Reeves was home for lunch Monday so Tallon was excited to see Daddy!!

Wed- Reeves drops Tal off at MMO- as Reeves tells Tallon Bye- Tal looks at him and says "Pop get me"- OH BOY- HERE WE GO AGAIN! Evidently Tallon was NOT happy that Pop was not going to pick him up!

All that to say.... WE MISS YOU POP and are praying for you in "Duras" everyday ( sometimes several times a day!)

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DarleyFamily said...

So cute! It always surprises me at the things remember. They really do understnad so much more than I give them credit for...hmm maybe I need to remember this next time they get in trouble:) Hope your dad has a wonderful trip. Can't wait to hear about it. m