Thursday, June 28, 2007

Monkeys, Giraffes and Gorillas

Definitely the TOP THREE of Tallon's favorite animals today at the Zoo. We finally found some time to use Mimi and Pop's Christmas present to Tal- a season pass to the zoo!! and Tallon LOVED it!! We all enjoyed spending the morning casually strolling the zoo and checking out the animals! I loved watching Tal's face as he would see a new animal and how he would wave hi and bye to each one!! sooo cute=) This kid may not be very verbal but he definitely loves to wave and say " Hi" and "Bye"!Tallon wore his outfit with the monkey and giraffe on it! I wish this picture could show his cute little determined walk- he is turning into such a BIG BOY!

Tallon and Daddy pausing to chat for a minute!
They had such a good time today- Tallon just adores his daddy and stayed right beside him most of the morning!

Tallon LOVED the giraffe's- it took several attempts before we got him to part ways and go check out the next animal. 1 Giraffe was over close to where we were at the fence- he was trying his best to reach this limb with some leaves on, but he could not quite reach it- but he would come up and Tallon would see him and get ALL EXCITED and than the giraffe would duck back down and Tallon would turn his hands ( his way of saying "where did he go") and say "uh-oh" and than get all excited when the giraffe popped back up again!! Fun Times at the Zoo playing with this giraffe!

Following closely beside his daddy! How thankful I am that Reeves is such a good example of Our Heavenly Father to Tal!


Tallon and mommy looking for the Tiger- who must have been hiding somewhere cool because we never saw him and it sure was HOT today!
(Check out Tallon's hands- he was looking for an animal- just could not find one!)

On the tram ride back to our car- look at those eyes- this little boy was EXHAUSTED!

Family Fun Day at the Zoo!


Collin, Aron, Makgill, and Clara Beth said...

Oh my Goodness I love that baby boy! Especially in that hat and my Mak's animal outfit! Makes me miss my baby boy sooo much. Tal is at the best age. By the way, tell Tal's mom to change the blue writing on the blue background. Ancient Aunt Aron's eyes can't handle it!

Courtney said...

Looks like you guys had a really fun day...let us know when you're going back to the zoo and we'll tag along--even without our season passes! Can't wait for this weekend!

Michelle said...

Zoo day looks like lots of fun! I love how his outfit goes perfectly with the day's theme. I can't wait until Sydney is old enough to enjoy the animals at the zoo too.

Brian, Jennie and Carlisle said...

We loved your ZOO PICS!!!! We also love the zoo, we DEFINITELY will be going again soon and would love to make it a group outing!!! How sweet is Tallon's little face?!?! We love him!!!

Laura said...

I love the pictures! I've been thinking about taking Eli to the zoo...I hope he enjoys it as much as Tallon! :) We miss you!!!